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关于规则经历的英语作文?If everyone follows the traffic rules, there will be fewer traffic accidents.如果人人都能遵守交通规则,交通事故就会少多了。那么,关于规则经历的英语作文?一起来了解一下吧。


Title: Rules

Rules are an important part of our daily lives, and they are designed to ensure that people behave in a certain way to maintain order and safety in our society.

At school, there are many rules that students must follow. For example, students are not allowed to use their mobile phones during class, they must wear a uniform, and they must arrive on time. These rules are in place to ensure that students are focused on their studies and that they are respectful to their teachers and classmates.

Similarly, rules are also important in the workplace. Employees are expected to arrive on time, dress appropriately, and follow safety guidelines. These rules are necessary to ensure that the workplace is a safe and productive environment for all employees.

In society, rules are established by the government to maintain order and protect citizens. Laws are in place to prevent crime, protect property, and ensure that people are treated fairly. For example, driving rules are in place to prevent accidents and ensure that drivers and pedestrians are safe.

While rules can sometimes be seen as restrictive, they are necessary to ensure that our society functions properly. Without rules, chaos would ensue, and people would not feel safe or protected. Rules help to ensure that we can live, work, and learn in a safe and secure environment.

In conclusion, rules are an important part of our lives, and they play a crucial role in maintaining order and safety in our society. Whether in school, the workplace, or society in general, rules help us to function effectively, and they are essential for a well-functioning society.



My shool rules

Now,I'm a middle shool student.So,my shool have some rules avoid something not good.

First,we shouldn't *** oking in the shool.You know it's bad for our health.Second,we shouldn't shout or talk loudly in the classroom and hallway,beacuse everyone need a quiet environment 。Third,we shouldn't curse and fight at all in the school,they’re not good manners.Forth,we must wear school uniform form Mondy to Fright.If you obey the rulls above,you will be a good student in my shoo


My family RulesA country its laws and a family has its rules. My family also has some rules.For example ,there are important rules in my house . First of all, I have to be home by 10:00 pm. I think there is the danger of going home late and this rule is really true. Next , I'm not allowed to watch tv on school nights. In my opinoin, I need time to relaxing things instead of studying on school nights. Maybe my parents are strict with me in this way. Finally,the biggest problem is that I can't join club. My parents think that only bad for my studying. They don't know I'm intersted in running ,playing baskteball and writing.There is good say "Nothing can be acplished without norms or stand ards,"but though I should study hard .Of course,I'm old enough to make my own decision. 仅作参考。


My School Rules


I have too many rules in my school.So I am very tired.


I can't eat food in class,and I must listen to the teacher carefully.


Because I should learn many things from the teacher.I can't listen to music in class,and I have to keep every rule.I have to be quiet in classes.


In Chinese classes,I can't drink water and in English classes I have to do some reading.Oh,I can't stand these rules,but nobody can broken them.



Observing the Traffic Rules Is Important


Fangce rides his new bike to go to school every day.


He puts it in the bicycle parking of the school.


There are lots of bikes there.


After school the students take their bikes and go home.


At this time, there is a traffic policeman on the street in front of the school.


Sometimes that traffic policeman stops them and let the cars waiting to pass go by.



My family

I am not happy.Because I have too many rules in my house.I must obey them.I have to get up at 6:30.I have to go to school at 7:00.I have to do my homework after school.I can't meet my friends after school.On weekends,I must help my mother clean my room and wash clothes.I have to play the piano.But I don't like playing the piano.I have to learn English at Sundays.I never have any fun.

我不快乐.因为在我的房子里我有太多的规则了.我必须遵守他们.我不得不在6:30起床.我不得不在7:00上学.我在放学后不得不做作业芹辩旅.放学后我不能会见我的朋友们.在周末,我必须帮我的妈妈打扫嫌凳我的房间和洗衣服.我不得不灶带弹钢琴.但我不喜欢弹钢琴. 我不得不在周日学英语.我几乎没有一点乐趣.

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